How to Use Up Your Expiring Ad Credits in Days

A simple 4-step guide to use up your expiring Ad Credits and maximise your listing exposure at the same time.

By PropertyGuru   •  

Your subscription is due for renewal soon and you may still have some Ad Credits that will expire along with your current subscription.

Here’s how you can fully utilise your Ad Credits balance!

Let’s get started on AgentNet.

Step 1: Turbo Your Important Listings

  • Activate Turbo on your residential listings

  • This powerful feature could increase your listing exposure by up to 8X* with XL images and a top-ranking spot

Step 2: Bulk select these Turbo listings and select “Auto-Repost

  • This allows you to automatically repost your Turbo listings according to your preferred day, time and duration, so that your listings remain competitively ranked at all times

Step 3: Add schedules to Auto-Repost these listings

Step 4: Proceed with your Auto-Repost schedule

And you’re good to go!

Head over to your listing management page on AgentNet to start optimising your Ad Credits now!