How Will Spotlight Listing’s Appearance Differs From Regular Listings’?

Be Bold. Be Spotted. Style your quality listing & outshine the rest

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The key difference between a Spotlight listing and the other listings is the look and feel, which aims to drive listing views. Spotlight is only available for listing

The six awesome features that Spotlight have are:

  • Headline – Highlight property’s unique selling point to capture relevant property seeker’s attention right away

  • Larger Search Results Tile – Create more visibility for your listing with a larger tile than regular listings on search results page

  • Image Carousel – Showcases listing upfront right on search results page

  • Grey Gradient – Outshine competitors’ listings with the grey gradient effect

  • Large Profile Photo – Build your personal brand with the display of your profile photo right next to your listing

  • Direct Contact – Have property seekers enquire straightaway on search results page

Note: Spotlight does not influence the listing’s ranking in search results.

Here are the differences between Spotlight and the regular listings:

Be Bold. Be Spotted. Be in the Spotlight now!

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