Loan Referral Rewards by PropertyGuru Finance

Find out how this new programme works to appreciate your unwavering support by offering valuable business tools and tangible rewards!

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What is the Loan Referral Rewards programme about?

To appreciate the unwavering support of PropertyGuru Finance from agent partners like yourself, we are pleased to launch the Loan Referral Rewards programme.

Through the Loan Referral Rewards programme, we are offering a full suite of valuable mortgage tools and tangible rewards to better support your business.

When is the Loan Referral Rewards programme launched?

The programme was launched on 18 October 2023 to all agent partners who are actively referring their clients’ mortgage loans to PropertyGuru Finance.

What are the privileges I get to enjoy through the Loan Referral Rewards programme?

All agent partners who have successfully referred their clients’ home loan to PropertyGuru Finance are automatically enrolled into the Loan Referral Rewards programme.

Your rewards tier (Level 1, 2, 3 or 4) grants you access to a full suite of valuable mortgage tools and tangible rewards specially curated for you:

How do I qualify for each rewards tier?

Your rewards tier is determined by your successful home loan referrals to PropertyGuru Finance. The more successful home loans you refer to us, the higher rewards tier and greater rewards you’ll enjoy!

How are the rewards tiers tabulated?

The rewards tiers are tabulated based on the ranking of your total successful home loan referrals in the past 12 months.

Where can I find out about my current rewards tier?

You will be updated about your current rewards tier via a WhatsApp message every month.

When can I progress to the next rewards tier?

Once you have accumulated the minimum number of successful home loan referrals required, you will be upgraded to a higher rewards tier in the following month.

You can view your latest reward status via the WhatsApp message received every month.

What happens if I have not accumulated enough successful referrals to progress to the next rewards tier?

We want you to continue enjoying the perks in your current rewards tier as long as possible, so we will extend your rewards tier qualification over 12 consecutive months before it expires.

Once the rewards tier expires, your current accumulated home loan referrals will be reset the next time you complete a referral successfully.

It is my first time referring a home loan to PropertyGuru Finance, am I eligible for the rewards?

Loan Referral Rewards programme is open to all agent partners of PropertyGuru Finance. At your first successful home loan referral, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the programme. On top of that, you’ll enjoy additional perks from our NEW80 campaign.

How can I refer a home loan to PropertyGuru Finance?

You may submit an enquiry to our Mortgage Specialist here.

What is defined as a successful home loan referral?

A successful referral is defined as when the home loan applicant has accepted the bank’s Letter of Offer. For more details of PropertyGuru Finance’s home loan referral programme, visit here.

When will I be notified to redeem the rewards?

You will be notified to redeem the rewards via WhatsApp on the last month of every quarter.

Can I exchange the rewards for something else?

Rewards are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and are not redeemable for cash or other rewards. PropertyGuru Finance reserves the right to change the rewards without providing prior notice.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Mortgage Specialist at the following: