Our Different Offline Payment Methods

You can pay by NETS, Cheque or by installment

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Thanks for buying a PropertyGuru product or service, your support means everything to us!

We highly encourage you to use our highly secured online payment platform, but we also support you, should you decide to pay by credit card installment, cheque or NETS.

You are required to confirm your order via AgentNet before working out with your respective account manager on your preferred payment.

When you are When you arrive on step 2 – “Make Payment”, please select the option “Others” after you have confirmed your order. Your sales consultant will soon be in touch to assist with your cheque/ NETS/ installment payment.

Payment by Credit Card Installment

Only valid for UOB, OCBC and DBS Credit Cards (not applicable for Debit Cards). Available in 6 or 12 Months Interest-Free Plans. (Min. $500 purchase)

  1. Confirm your sales order with our friendly PropertyGuru account manager and share your credit card details over the phone

  2. PropertyGuru will process your credit card payment and once it is successful, a confirmation will be sent over email or text

Payment by Cheque

Made payable to “PropertyGuru Limited”

To be mailed to:

PropertyGuru Limited
Paya Lebar Quarter
1 Paya Lebar Link, #12-01/04
Singapore 408533

Payment by NETS

Come in and visit us! Payment to be made at our office with NETS.

PropertyGuru Limited
Paya Lebar Quarter
1 Paya Lebar Link, #12-01/04
Singapore 408533

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