Update Your Sold/Rented Listing

Complete the listing and make room for more active listings.

By PropertyGuru   •  

When property seekers look for home, they want to see properties for sale/rent. Avoid misleading them by remembering to deactivate/complete your sold/rented listings so that it will fall under past listing.

1. To deactivate, go to your Active listings, click the 3 dots at the corner of listing. Choose to ‘Mark as Sold/Rented’ or ‘Deactivate’ to deactivate or unlist the listing.

By clicking on sold/rented, not only will it make room for more active listings, but it will also shows property seekers that you have a lot of past transactions in your Agent Profile, under ‘Property Listings’ tab.

2. To delete listing, filter to ‘Past Listings’, select the listing and click ‘Delete’.

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