What is Auto-Boost?

Setup auto-renewal for Boost.

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What is Auto-Boost?

Auto-Boost allows you to auto-renew your Boost listing till you have turned it off. The Ad Credits are deducted every 7 days upon renewal, and the amount of credits used in the subsequent weeks may vary.

With each renewal, your Boost listing ranking will be refreshed within the Boost tier. Your listing will be auto re-Boosted and Ad Credits will be deducted 7 Days (168 hours) after your listing’s first Boost.

Refer to “How to Boost your listing?” for a step by step guide.

How are my Ad Credits deducted for Auto-Boost?

The number of Ad Credits needed to Boost is determined by Optimus. Therefore, the Ad Credits required to renew Auto-Boost every 7 days may vary. You may refer to your Ad Credits Consumption Report to know how many Ad Credits were deducted for Auto-Boost.

You will be able to located it under the Credits section on AgentNet dashboard.

What if I do not have enough Ad Credits?

If you do not have enough Ad Credits or your listing does not have a Listing Quality Score of 85% or higher, the listing will not be auto re-Boosted.

Auto-Boost will also be disabled for the listing and it will not be auto renewed in the future unless the you Boost the listing again and re-enable Auto-Boost.

How long does one Auto-Boost run for?

Once you enable Auto-Boost for your listing(s), it will continue running until you disable it or your listing(s) expires.

Can I cancel my Auto-Boost?

Yes, you will have the option to cancel your Auto-Boost from your listing management page. Click on the light blue Boost tab. A pop-up will appear, click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the Auto-Boost

I have already Boosted for 1 week, can I activate ‘Auto-Boost’?

Yes, you can activate Auto-Boost from the listing management page. Click on the light blue Boost tab. A pop-up appears, click on ‘Turn on Auto-Boost’ to activate Auto-Boost

Will I be charged Ad Credits whenever I tick or un-tick the Auto Boost checkbox multiple times?

No, there are no Ad Credits charged for ticking or un-ticking the Auto-Boost checkbox. Ticking on Auto-Boost only means that the listing will be re-Boosted when the present Boost expires.

Ad Credits are only charged when the listing is Boost or re-Boosted in a week’s time.

What if I activate and deactivate Auto-Boost on the same day?

You can activate and deactivate Auto-Boost as many times as you want. It will only take effect based on whether it is activated or not on the day of the expiry of the active Boost.

If it is active, then the listing will be re-Boosted, and Auto-Boost will be switched on. If it is deactivated, then the listing will not be re-Boosted and Auto-Boost will be switched off.

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