What is Quality Photos Guide Hard Enforcement?

Achieving a platform with 100% quality photos

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The Quality Photos Guide Hard enforcement has been fully launched on 2 May 2019. Photos that do not meet the Quality Photos Guide requirements will no longer be visible to the public.

What does this mean?

Your listing would still be made visible, only photos that do not meet the requirements of the Quality Photos Guide will no longer appear on your listings but your photos will still be visible on your AgentNet.

If your photos have been suspended from public view, here is how it will look like on your AgentNet listing:

If you feel that your photos meet the requirements of our Quality Photos guide and would like to find out why they got suspended, click on the “…” at the top right of the suspended photos and “Request Review”.

When your listing does not have more than 3 good quality photos, it will affect your listing quality score and therefore, your search ranking. So remember to ensure that these requirements are met to increase the visibility of your listings.

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