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Presenting Market Insights

powered by PropertyGuru DataSense

Market Insights is designed to:

Find promising prospects and identify opportunities

Provide insights to support your sales pitch

Give you relevant and accurate property information

Maximise value from your marketing investment

Most-Asked Data Functions Only on PropertyGuru

  • Enjoy real-time property transaction data across all your devices on the web
  • Easily compare consumer demand and property supply to identify opportunities
  • Get access to PropertyGuru-exclusive data to boost credibility with your clients
  • Know the competitive landscape through timely market trend notifications, relevant to your listings
  • Answer your client's questions confidently through over 25 powerful insights

Available to You

on AgentNet, under Market Insights

Market Insider: Market Insights, From the Inside

Discover the latest property and pricing trends, in the whole or selected parts of condos in Singapore.

Project Insights: Scanning for Your Opportunities

Identify opportunities for you and your clients and effectively narrow down your target audience for mailers, based on property value and capital appreciation.

Home Report: Get A Full-View of Information

Get a holistic understanding on your (potential) clients’ properties, so you can be a better-equipped advisor to them.

Explorer: Compare & Contrast Data Quickly and Easily

Create property segments for quick and easy comparisons based on real-time data, to aid you in your meetings with prospective buyers!

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Listing Performance Insights


Project Insights

Non real-timeNon real-timeReal-timeReal-time

Home Report

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Market Insider

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Non real-time: Data updates approx. 6 weeks and above

Real-time: Data updates approx. within 7 days

How to Harness Data

By Partner360 Academy

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