To move in tandem with changes in the market and your business needs, we offer a range of premium features that will help you maximise your reach towards your target audience and gain an additional competitive edge. These are available on an ala-carte basis,

at any time of your subscription with us.

For Branding & Listing Exposure

If you are looking to capture more property seekers’ attention whilst also positioning yourself as the go-to-agent, these premium features are best suited for you. Let your listing appear on the top-ranking slots on search results pages and have your personal photo displayed right next to your listing.


Turbo your listing exposure by up to 8X with XL images and a top-ranking spot. Additionally, get a WhatsApp button on search results and an ads-free listing page.


Get 4.5x more exposure for

your listings with Boost as it increases your listing exposure, reinforces your personal brand and credibility, and improves chances of getting enquiries.

Weekly Featured Listing

Only on

Pin your commercial listing in one of the first three spots in search results for a week with Weekly Featured Listings!

For Branding

Further strengthen your credibility as the agent of choice, with these premium features. Let your photo / profile be prominently featured on search results pages to keep you on top of property seekers’ mind, as they scroll through search results pages.

Prime Credits

Unlock your listing’s full potential with Prime Credits. This will enable you to Book, Reserve and Extend Featured Agent slots.

Featured Agent

Exclusive visibility for your valued listings. Manage your bookings anytime, anywhere.


With Spotlight, you can now style your commercial listings and outshine competitors’ listings in search results.

Need help in understanding these features better?

Leave your details and we will be in touch shortly

Need help in understanding these features better?

Leave your details and we will be in touch shortly

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase Turbo, Boost, or Spotlight

No upfront payment is required to use Turbo, Boost, or Spotlight. You can Turbo, Boost, or Spotlight your listing via AgentNet, using the Ad Credits available in your Agent Package.

Can I pay for my Premium Features using credit cards installments?

Payment by credit card installment is available for UOB & OCBC Credit Cards, for purchases of $500 and more. You can select either a 6 or 12 months interest-free plan.

Is there a validity period for these Premium Features?

All products must be utilised completely within 12 months from date of purchase, except for Boost and Spotlight which are activated right away via AgentNet. Any unused products upon expiry date will be forfeited.