Our Agent Packages come bundled with various amounts of Ad Credits that enable you to post, repost, Turbo, Boost or Spotlight your listings for better listing performance. 

If you foresee a need to list many listings or are dealing with popular districts/estates/projects, consider subscribing or upgrading to a higher tier package. Otherwise, you can also enjoy the flexibility of topping up your Ad Credits based on your needs later.

Using Ad Credits to Better Your Listing Performance

In a competitive market, your listing needs to stand out from the crowd to capture property seekers’ attention and drive enquiries. You can do this through using Ad Credits to post, repost, Turbo, Boost and Spotlight your listings.

All these actions can be activated for your published listing anytime via AgentNet > Listings

Post Your Listing

Post your listings to publish them on our portal so that property seekers can search, view and enquire about them over the next 32 days.

Every listing has a Listing Quality Score and a published date which determines its ranking amongst similar listings in search results.

Repost Your Listing

Reposting your listings refreshes its published date to secure a higher ranking in search results to generate more exposure. 


By reposting, you also extend your listing’s expiry date by 32 days.

There is no limit to the number of reposts each day. You can save time by setting up Auto-Repost schedules. 

Turbo Your Listing

Turbo your listing exposure by up to 8X with XL Images and a top-ranking spot above Boost and regular listings.


Additionally, get a WhatsApp button on search results and an ads-free listing page.

Each Turbo booking lasts for 7 days. You can also run it continuously with the use of Auto-Turbo.

Boost Your Listing

Boost your listings' exposure by ranking it above regular listings in search results.


Boost also hass features that reinforce your personal brand and improve your chance of getting enquiries with direct contact buttons. 

Each Boost booking lasts for 7 days. You can also run it contin-uously with the use of Auto-Boost.

Spotlight Your Listing

Enhance the looks of your listing in search results with Spotlight.

Your listing will have a larger search tile, bright borders, image carousel and more, to capture property seeker’s interest.

Each Spotlight booking lasts for 7 days. You can also run it continuously with the use of Auto-Spotlight

Need more Ad Credits to improve your listing performance?


Knowing the Ad Credits Required for Your Activities

The amount of Ad Credits needed to post, repost, Turbo, Boost and Spotlight a listing differs by listing and period. 

The amount is determined by Optimus algorithm which takes into consideration competition and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more.
As market conditions change, the number of Ad Credits for these actions change as well, to deliver the maximum value for each listing. As such, some listings will require less credits while others more. 

The required credits amount is displayed next to each action on AgentNet > Listings.

Topping Up Your Ad Credits

Ad Credits that are bundled with your Agent Package is valid till your subscription expiry date. Should your Ad Credits quantity run low during your subscription tenure, or you foresee an increased usage of Ad Credits, you can top up your credits at any time.


Ad Credits are sold in bundles of 100 and have a 12 month validity period starting from their date of issuance.

Ad Credits Quantity

Price per Credit

100 - 1,000

1,100 - 5,000

5,100 - 10,000

10,100 - 20,000

20,100 & Above






Need more Ad Credits to improve your listing performance?

Managing Your Ad Credits Balance & Usage

You can manage your Ad Credits balance and usage through AgentNet at your convenience. 


Checking Your Balance

Check your Ad Credits balance anytime through your AgentNet dashboard, which displays the total number of credits you have left at the moment.


For more details on your balance, click on the number of credits displayed. You will be able to see the breakdown by your order number.

Reviewing Your Usage

Paste ​Review your Ad Credits usage any time

through the Ad Credits Consumption Report in AgentNet.​

This report provides detailed records of your credits usage for post, repost, Boost and Spotlight activities over your specified period of time. 

Access this page by clicking on “Reports” on the top navigation bar or “View History” in the Credits balance section on the dashboard.

Learn more.


Contact our Cust Care at +65 6238 5971 or read our Help Articles for more information

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Ad Credits: Terms & Conditions

  • Ad Credits are valid for a period of 12 months from the point of purchase. Unused credits will either expire when (1) the Credits validity period is due or (2) PropertyGuru agent account is not renewed upon account expiry, depending on which happens earlier.

  • Strictly no order bundling

  • All products purchased are strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable

  • Other standard terms and conditions apply