Because you have chosen and trusted us, we want to appreciate you by giving you a rewarding partner experience. 

Coming to you in 2021!

Once you’re an Agent Partner, you’re part of the Elite Rewards – granting you access to a suite of rewards and offerings, prepared specially for you.

Launched 14 Oct, 2020

As you grow your career with us, and invest more into your business on PropertyGuru, see your status soar as you join the exclusive Prestige Rewards where you will enjoy VIP invites and premium rewards. Learn More >

Get Rewarded as You Invest in Your Success 

For every S$100 invested in your PropertyGuru Agent Package subscription, Ad Credits and Premium Features, you will receive 2.5 reward points. You get to enjoy the rewards in your current rewards tier, till your next tier status update.  


At the start of every quarter, you will receive an email notification on your rewards tier status that is tabulated based on your investment over the last 12 months. 

Succeed & Climb the Tiers for More and Better Benefits 

As you continue to earn more points, you will be rewarded with more and better benefits! 

Upgrading to a Higher Rewards Tier

We’re excited to upgrade you and this happens when you’ve accumulated the minimum reward points to qualify for the next higher tier! Here’s how it works. 

Moving to a Lower Rewards Tier 

We would like to keep you in your upgraded tiers for as long as possible. That’s why we extend our qualification of tiers over 2 consecutive quarters, before moving you to the corresponding rewards tier.  

Here’s an example if the minimum reward points required for a tier is not met for 2 consecutive quarters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this PropertyGuru Partner360 Rewards Programme about?

As a valued Agent Partner, we would like to reward and appreciate you for choosing PropertyGuru as your trusted partner to grow your business with. Through the Rewards Programme, we have put together a suite of rewards and privileges especially for you — to thank you for your trust with PropertyGuru.

How to check my reward tier status / reward points?

Rewards Tier Status
Your rewards tier status will be updated quarterly based on your last 12 month investment on Agent Package subscription, Ad Credits and other Premium Features. You will be receiving a message on AgentNet (Web) based on this schedule

Reward Points
To view the reward points you’ve accumulated, please visit
AgentNet (Web). You’ll see it in the message at the bottom right corner, upon logging in.

I am a CORP account holder, am I eligible for this Rewards Programme?

Thank you for your interest in our rewards programme, you can keep a lookout for more details on this in 2021.

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