*Based on PropertyGuru internal data, comparing Turbo listings against regular listings, May 2021 – Jun 2021.

Full on Turbo Mode

Turbo is packed with all the functions that will give your listing the advantage it needs.
Activate your key listings easily via AgentNet, with the use of Ad Credits, and see its performance go into over drive.

Extra-large Images

Offers your listing greater visibility with the extra-large upsize on desktop image carousel and cover photo. See tips on taking quality photos!

Top Ranking Spot

Secures more exposure as your Turbo listing is prioritised above Boost and regular listings.


WhatsApp Button on Search Results

Allows you to be easily contactable by opening a direct WhatsApp conversation with you – helping you to increase your chances of enquiries effortlessly. Your profile photo and property headline will be shown right next to the WhatsApp button too!


What’s More

Additionally, your listing page will be ads-free.


Turbo Efficiency

See how your most important listing can become highly effectively simply by switching on Turbo. Take a look at how Turbo differs from other listing types.

Listing Types
FeaturesFeatured AgentTurboSpotlightBoostRegular
Rank on
Search Results
Slots LimitUp to 7 SlotsNo Limit-No limitNo limit
Listing Card Size
Cover Image Size
Image Carousel--
Profile PhotoBigBigBigSmall-
Property Headline--
Contact Buttons
  • WhatsApp
  • Message
  • WhatsApp
  • Message
  • Call
  • Message
  • Call
  • Message
  • Call
  • Message
Ads-free Listing
Details Page

Experiencing Turbo

Powered by Ad Credits​

Residential Listings: The amount of Ad Credits needed to Turbo or repost a Turbo listing is calculated by Optimus algorithm, which takes into account competition and listing supply by property type, location, project and more. This means the credits required changes with market conditions, to deliver maximum value for each listing.

Commercial Listings: The amount of Ad Credits required to Turbo or repost a Turbo listing is fixed at a rate and differs from a Sale listing to a Rent listing.

To know how many Ad Credits is required to Turbo your listing, go to AgentNet > Listings. The Ad Credit quantity will be displayed next to your selected listing.

Running low on Ad Credits to fuel Turbo? Top up right away via Self-serve!

Get Set, Turbo

Booked through AgentNet (Web or Mobile App), you can Turbo your listings with over

95% quality score any time at your convenience. With just a few clicks, your listing exposure will be on its way to fully power-up, with each Turbo action lasting for 7 days.

If you have an active Boost or Spotlight booking on the listing you wish to Turbo, you will only have to top up for the remainder of the Ad Credits required to enjoy this all rounded feature!

Go to AgentNet > My Listings. Choose the listing you intend
to Turbo and click on the
“Turbo” icon

Details of your Turbo booking is shown here. Ad Credits will be deducted upon clicking on “Activate Turbo”.

To Auto-Turbo, tick the checkbox and details of your Turbo booking will be refreshed. If all is good, click on “Auto-Turbo”.

The red button will change to “Auto-Turbo Activated” once Auto-Turbo is successfully activated.

What is Auto-Turbo?

Auto-Turbo allows you to auto-renew your Turbo listing till you have turned it off. The Ad Credits are deducted every 7 days upon renewal, and the amount of credits used in the subsequent weeks may vary. With each renewal, your Turbo listing ranking will be refreshed within the Turbo tier. Learn more.

Running low on Ad Credits to fuel Turbo? Top up right away via Self-serve!

Questions on Turbo?​

Contact our Customer Care at +65 6238 5971 or read our Help Articles for more information