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Do you need more Concurrent Listings or Ad Credits to maximise your listing exposure? You can do so right away by upgrading your Agent Package. Not only will you benefit from these added features, you will enjoy savings too!

When you upgrade your Agent Package, your current subscription is extended by 12 months at a prorated price. Plus, you get to apply the loyalty discount you've accumulated over the years on the subscription price to reap savings.

Choose a Package that Suits Your Needs


Most basic

$980 /12 mths

5 Concurrent Listings

500 Ad Credits

5 Floor Plans /mth


NOTE: CommercialGuru access is unavailable as add-on


Best for starters

$2,380 /12 mths

25 Concurrent Listings

3,000 Ad Credits

25 Floor Plans /mth


Commercial Listings

Agent Profile



Best for full-time agents

$4,980 /12 mths

60 Concurrent Listings

9,000 Ad Credits

60 Floor Plans /mth


Commercial Listings

Agent Profile



Suit highly active agents

$11,980 /12 mths

100 Concurrent Listings

35,000 Ad Credits

100 Floor Plan /mth


Commercial Listings

Agent Profile


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Enjoy Savings with Loyalty Discount

As a loyal partner of PropertyGuru, you are eligible for a loyalty discount off the list price of your Agent Package when you upgrade your package! 

The longer the number of years you have an active PropertyGuru account continuously, the higher the discount you will enjoy.

Loyalty Tenure (Year)


6 or more

Loyalty Discount







*Applicable to package upgrade after first renewal

Find out the savings you will get when you upgrade your Agent Package


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by credit card installments?

Payment by credit card installment is available for UOB & OCBC Credit Cards, for purchases of $500 and more. You can select either a 6 or 12 months interest-free plan.

How is the prorated price calculated?

The prorated amount is calculated based (1) the number of months you have used for your current package and (2) the list price of the Agent Package you have selected. Your loyalty discount will be applied on the list price, should you be eligible. For more details, kindly contact your Account Manager.

How is a loyalty tenure calculated?

A loyalty tenure is calculated from your first paid subscription, up to to-date, provided that you have continuously renewed your account.

For example: Agent’s loyalty start date is 01 Dec 2017. Agent has continuously renewed their subscription over the years and subscription is still active as of to-date, 30 Nov 2019. The loyalty tenure is 2 years.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Upon package upgrade, your account expiry date will be extended by 12 months. Your account will be eligible for renewal during the renewal period of the upgraded package subscription (i.e. 1 month prior to your account subscription expiry month and in the month of your subscription expiry month).

  • All features bundled with the agent packages are valid for 12 months, starting from account activation date.

  • Any unused features will be forfeited upon account expiry.

  • Agent package sold is strictly non-refundable, non-transferrable to another agent/owner, and non-exchangeable for other products.

  • Other standard terms and conditions apply


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