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The property industry is very competitive and agents often fall into a predicament on how their listings can gain more exposure among the rest. 

Boost is a power feature accessible to all agent package subscribers, that helps agents (1) Increase their listing exposure, (2) Reinforce their personal brand and credibility, and (3) Improve their chance of getting enquiries.


Boost is your easy way to improve your residential and commercial listing performance, any time

with triple benefits, giving you a competitive advantage among your peers.


Reinforce Your Personal Brand and Credibility

Your profile photo will be displayed alongside your listing in searches to strengthen your personal brand

and credibility.



Fueled by Ad Credits

For Residential Listings: The amount of Ad Credits needed to Boost or repost a Boost listing is calculated by Optimus algorithm, which takes into account competition and listing supply by property type, location, project and more. This means the credits required changes with market conditions, to deliver maximum value for each listing.

For Commercial Listings: The amount of Ad Credits required to Boost or repost a Boost listing is fixed at a rate and differs from a Sale listing to a Rent listing.

To know how many Ad Credits is required to Boost your listing, go to AgentNet > Listings. The credit quantity will be displayed next to your selected listing.

Get Ready to Boost

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Booked through AgentNet (Web or Mobile App), you can Boost your residential and commercial listings with over 85% quality score any time at your convenience. With just a few clicks, your listing will be set

to take-off,  with each Boost booking lasting for 7 days.


To Auto-Boost, tick the checkbox and the details of your Boost booking will be refreshed. If all is good, click on “Turn on Auto-Boost”.

The red button will change to "Auto-Boosted" once you've successfully Auto-Boosted your listing

Go to AgentNet  >

My Listings. Choose the listing you intend to boost and click on the  “Boost”       icon, 


Details of your Boost booking is shown here. The Ad Credits will be deducted upon clicking on “Boost Now”.

When you have made a successful Boost booking, the Boost icon next to your listing turns red     and the start and end date of your Boost booking will also be shown.

What is Auto-Boost?

Auto-Boost allows you to auto-renew your Boost listing till you have turned it off. The Ad Credits are deducted every 7 days upon renewal, and the amount of credits used in the subsequent weeks may vary. With each renewal, your Boost listing ranking will be refreshed within the Boost tier. Learn more

Contact our Cust Care at +65 6238 5971 or read our Help Articles for more information

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