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Discover Lead Management

View, manage, and contact all your leads easily and seamlessly with Lead Management.   

With access to exclusive, value-add tools to help you prioritise your leads, and features to help you sort leads easily – Lead Management brings more, and better value to your PropertyGuru experience. 

Prioritise your leads with Lead Quality

Lead Quality identifies “Hot” and “Warm” leads based on the property seeker’s activity on PropertyGuru – so you know which leads to contact first and can act faster.

Lead Quality is decided based on factors such as their frequency of searches and visits to help identify which leads are more promising.

Tailor your pitch with Lead Insights

View exclusive insights into the property seeker’s activities on PropertyGuru – including their preferred price ranges and locations – so you can prepare, and tailor your pitch to them!

PropertyGuru aims to make it easier for you to reach out to your leads, as we partner you to be the best real estate partner you can be.

Sort your leads with filter and search functions!

With advanced tools such as filter, and search – Lead Management makes it easy for you to find, sort, and effectively manage your leads!

Filter allows you to filter listings factors such as Lead Quality and Lead type. While the search function allows you to search for leads by listing, and enquirer details – so we can deliver a better PropertyGuru experience.  

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Lead Management


Lead Management is currently in Beta phase until 31 July 2023.


During this period, you will have full access to the Lead Management tools and features, including Lead Quality and Lead Insights, as long as you have an active Agent Package subscription.

From 1 Aug 2023, your access to Lead Management tools will be limited based on your Agent Package subscription. Find out more here

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Accessing Lead Management

Lead Management can be found through AgentNet

Step 1: Go to AgentNet > “Leads”


Step 2: Select any lead to get started


Questions on Lead Management?

Contact our Customer Care at +65 6238 5971 or read our Help Articles for more information