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To move in tandem with changes in the market and your business needs, we offer a range of premium features that will help you maximise your reach towards your target audience and gain an additional competitive edge. These are available on an ala-carte basis, at any time of your subscription with us.


Boost is a power feature accessible to all packages. When you Boost your published listing, you get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Increased exposure for your listing - your Residential Boost listing will be ranked above regular listings in all relevant searches and are displayed after Featured Agent Listings

    On CommercialGuru, Boost listings will be ranked above regular listings and are displayed after Weekly Featured Listings and Featured Agent Prioritised Listing


  • Reinforced personal brand and credibility - your profile photo will be displayed alongside your listing in searches


  • Improved chances of getting enquiries - your listing details page will be ads-free, reserving property seekers’ full attention to the property you are marketing

You can activate this feature for your published listing anytime at your convenience. Each Boost lasts for 7 days and is applicable to residential and commercial listings. The option to repost a Boost listing is also available. Learn more

New Spotlight 1709.webp


Using Ad Credits that are available in your package, you can enhance the looks of your quality residential and commercial listings on the search results page, with Spotlight readily. Each Spotlight booking lasts for 7 days and gets to:

  • Outshine your competitors - with a larger search results tile, image carousel, your profile photo and a captivating headline that highlights the property’s unique selling point in search results

  • Connect with property seekers easily - through the call-to-action buttons available in search results

You can activate this feature for your published listing anytime at your convenience. Learn more

Featured Agent

One of the most popular premium features among agents, Featured Agent effectively positions you as the go-to-agent of property owners and seekers for a targeted sector, location or projects.

Enjoy these benefits with Featured Agent:

  • Raised profile - your agent profile and contact detail will be prominently featured on project/estate details pages and relevant searches, to capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers


  • Unsurpassed listing exposure - your listings will be prioritised on top of Boost and regular listings in searches to stand out from the competition

Limited in slots, Featured Agent is available for purchase by property types, projects, estates, and districts. Learn more


Starting from $50/month


Your details is prominently featured on project/estate details page



With 100% share of voice and creatively designed banners, you get the opportunity to claim a spot in our search result pages exclusively, to convey your customised message or offering to property seekers.


Select your banner advertising spot from an array of web and app platforms, property types, project and estates, and placement on-page. Learn more


Starting from $300/month

Banners advertising spot are also available on PropertyGuru App and AgentNet App. Contact us for more details

New WFL 1910-02.png

Weekly Featured Listing

Weekly Featured Listing is a great option for agents looking to generate additional exposure to drive highly targeted leads for your commercial listings on


Weekly Featured Listings also occupy a larger ad space on relevant search results and it will be prioritised on top of Featured Agents’ listing, Boost and regular listings for the week. 

Limited to 3 slots per district, property, and listing type, Weekly Featured Listing is available to all active commercial property listing. Learn more

Available at $200/week

Featured Agent on “Find Agent”

Position yourself to solve property seekers and owners’ need in general.


Your profile is display on top of the “Find Agent” main page content section to capture property seekers and owners’ attention, and it continues to appear on every single Find Agent search results page to stay on top of their mind.

Available for purchase on a monthly basis

Overseas Listings.png

Overseas Listings

Other than local properties, our site also caters to property seekers who are looking to own a dream home in another country or buying an oversea property for investment.

We feature projects from Asia, Middle East, to Europe! Take a peek at our overseas section.

If you have an overseas property to market, simply add-on Oversea Listings to your package and you are off to showcase your listing to the targeted property seekers.

Listings are sold based on quantity and duration

How can I purchase Boost / Spotlight?

No upfront payment is required to use Boost or Spotlight. You can Boost or Spotlight your listings via AgentNet, using the Ad Credits available in your Agent Package.

Can I pay for my Premium Features using credit cards installments?

Payment by credit card installment is available for UOB & OCBC Credit Cards, for purchases of $500 and more. You can select either a 6 or 12 months interest-free plan.

Is there a validity period for these Premium Features?

All products purchased, except for SocialCast, must be used within 12 months from date of purchase. Any unused purchase will be forfeited

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