Lead Management: Introduction to Lead Insights

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1. What is Lead Insights?
Lead Insights is a new tool within the Lead Management page that gives you access to useful information about the enquirer – which you can use to prepare your pitch!

These information can include data points such as the enquirer’s approximate preferred price range, location, property type, and more.

2. Where do I find Lead Insights?
Lead Insights can be found on the lead detail page.
Simply select a lead from your Lead Management page, and scroll down!

3. How are Lead Insights collected?
Lead Insights are collected based on the enquirer’s activity on PropertyGuru.
With the enquirer’s consent, PropertyGuru collects information from searches, and viewed properties, as well as any enquiries made before.

4. Why do insights available differ between leads?
Insights are gathered from each enquirer’s activity on PropertyGuru, and as such, might differ.

There can also be a case where user activity is Very Limited and hence in that case you might see “Not Available / NA” under insights section

5. How often are Lead Insights updated?
Lead Insights may take up to 24 hours to be displayed after the Lead is received.
However, these insights will not be continuously updated.

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