Listing Suspension

Learn how to avoid getting your listing suspended and reinstating a suspended listing

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Updated: 24 Oct 2022

Your listing may be suspended if it fails to comply with PropertyGuru’s Advertisement and Content Guidelines. It will not show up in search results and you will not be able to receive any enquiries. Read on to understand the violations causing your listing to be suspended and how you can reinstate a suspended listing.

What is Listing Suspension?

All listings on PropertyGuru must comply with our Advertisement and Content Guidelines. If your listing has been suspended, it might have infringed certain guidelines causing it to be removed and will not appear on search results.

Why is my listing suspended?

Your listing might have been suspended due to it violating PropertyGuru’s Advertisement and Content Guidelines. Some common violations are:

  • Account sharing

    • Each paid account is to be owned and utilised only by one property agent registered with the Council of Estate Agents.

  • Multiple Projects/Units in one listing

    • Advertising two or more projects and/or units in one listing is strictly prohibited; only one unit from one project, with one size and one price, is allowed per listing. Should a single listing be detected to have multiple projects or units advertised within it, PropertyGuru reserves the right to suspend it immediately.

  • Duplicate listings

    • Duplicate listing(s) are detected when one agent has more than one active listing advertising the same property unit, under one or several accounts. Duplicate listing(s) are judged based on, but not limited to, similar descriptions, similar interior photos, similar property size and similar price.

  • Unauthorized and fake listing

    • As per CEA’s requirement, all estate agents/salespersons are required to sign relevant Forms 1 to 8 as laid down in the Third Schedule of the Estate Agents Act 2010. Reported unauthorized listing(s) will be suspended immediately. If we discover a listing that has been made without the consent of the owner, it will be removed right away.

    • Listings that have been investigated to be fake will be suspended immediately. The listing’s authenticity is verified based on but not limited to: property listing(s) with no accompanying photos, very little or no listing description, and listing only has photos from the PropertyGuru library.

  • Overseas listing

    • Listings advertising overseas properties are not allowed in agent accounts and will be suspended immediately. Only local residential or commercial properties are allowed. To advertise an overseas property, kindly contact

How will I be notified when my listing is suspended?

You will be notified via email and SMS when your listing is suspended. Your AgentNet dashboard will also inform you of any listing that is currently suspended.

How do I reinstate my listing?

To reinstate/activate your suspended listing, follow the instructions below.

On your AgentNet dashboard, go to ‘Suspended Listings’ under ‘Your Listings Summary’ section.

You will be directed to the listing management page, where you can view your suspended listing. Click on the ‘Appeal’ button to submit an appeal.

Enter the reason for appeal in the ‘Add Comments’ box. If you’ve amended your listing in accordance with the guidelines, please indicate in the ‘Add Comments’ box and click on the ‘Appeal for activation’ button.

I’ve submitted an appeal; how long will it take for PropertyGuru to respond?

You will be notified via email and SMS within 1-2 working days.

How will I be notified of the status of my appeal?

You will be notified via email and SMS.

I am unhappy with the outcome of the appeal. Can I submit another appeal?

If you’re dissatisfied with the outcome of your appeal, you may submit another one following the same instructions outlined above.

Can I delete my listing without submitting an appeal?

You have the option to Edit, Delete and Appeal your listing.

Under your listing, click on the 3 vertical dots. Then select ‘Delete’ to remove the listing. You can also choose to edit your listing.

My listing has been suspended, will my listing be temporarily paused (including other bookings such as Featured Agent, Turbo and Boost)?

If your listing has been suspended, it will not be paused or extended, which means the expiry date of your listing and bookings such as Featured Agent, Turbo and Boost remain unchanged. You’re advised to rectify your listing as soon as possible.