Understanding Market Supply Gap

Identify listing opportunities based on market demand and supply insights.

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Updated: 1 September 2023

What is Market Supply Gap?

Market Supply Gap is a feature that aims to provide insights on market opportunities.

With the search volume of property seekers on our PropertyGuru website – known as ‘demand’, we match it against the number of active listings available on our website – known as ‘supply’.

When there is a higher demand and lower supply, Market Supply Gap identifies it as an opportunity – so agents can use this information to optimise their advertising investments and efforts.

How can I access Market Supply Gap?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to use Market Supply Gap:

  1. Login to AgentNet and click on ‘Market Insights’ in the top navigation bar.

  2. Market Insights dashboard on PropertyGuru DataSense will open in a separate window. You can access Market Supply Gap under the ‘Demand’ category.

    NOTE: If this is your first time logging in, follow the steps here to access Market Insights dashboard on PropertyGuru DataSense.

  3. To check the current supply and demand, indicate Sale or Rent under ‘Type’ and select Condo, HDB or Landed according to the category of property you want to view. Districts will be ranked according to its level of opportunity based on your set criteria. The more opportunities a district has, the higher its rank is.

  4. Under each district, there will be details of opportunities based on the number of bedrooms. Information including Listing Type, Demand, and Supply are shown for your reference. When an “Opportunity” is identified, you will see this green badge on the last column.

    NOTE: “Opportunity” means that the listing type has a higher demand versus supply – which represents a gap for agents to fill.

How will Market Supply Gap benefit me as an agent?

By using our data on demand by property seekers and supply by property agents, we identify specific listing types that have higher demand and lower supply – therefore highlighting market gaps (i.e. opportunities) for our agents. With such information, you will be able to identify areas with higher success rates.

Is Market Supply Gap linked to Optimus?

No, Market Supply Gap is not linked to Optimus.

Optimus takes into consideration several other factors when calculating the amount of Ad Credits required for each listing while Market Supply Gap only takes into consideration the demand – search volume on PropertyGuru and supply – number of active listings on PropertyGuru of each listing type.

Being so, even if Market Supply Gap identifies a listing type as Low in supply – it does not necessarily mean that the Ad Credits required for that listing will be low.

You can find out more about Optimus here.

If a listing type is identified as Low in supply under Market Supply Gap – why does the listing still require higher Ad Credits to Post / Repost / Boost / Turbo?

Optimus takes into consideration several other factors on top of the market demand and supply. Some of the additional factors include:

  • Number of visitors

  • Number of listings and listing activities

  • Average pricing of the property

  • Performance of listings

These factors also heavily influence the algorithm of Optimus and therefore a lower listing supply does not necessarily equate to lower Ad Credits required.

How regularly are the data updated?

The Market Supply Gap data refreshes daily at 8am Singapore time.

Is Market Supply Gap available for commercial listings?

No, Market Supply Gap is only applicable to residential listings.

Where is Market Supply Gap available?

Market Supply Gap is currently available on AgentNet web and mobile application.