What is Boost?

Get 4.5 times more exposure for your listing with Boost!

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Boost is a power feature accessible to all packages. When you Boost your published listing, you get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Increased exposure for your listing – your Residential Boost listing will be ranked above regular listings in all relevant searches and are displayed after Featured Agent Listings
    On CommercialGuru, Boost listings will be ranked above regular listings and are displayed after Weekly Featured Listings, Featured Agent Prioritised Listing and Turbo Listing

  • Reinforced personal brand and credibility – your profile photo will be displayed alongside your listing in searches

  • Improved chances of getting enquiries – your listing details page will be ads-free, reserving property seekers’ full attention to the property you are marketing

You can activate this feature for your published listing anytime at your convenience. Each Boost lasts for 7 days and is applicable to residential and commercial listings. The option to repost a Boost listing is also available

Increase the Exposure of Your Listings

Your Residential Boost listing will be ranked above regular listings in all relevant searches and are displayed after Featured Agent Listings. Your profile photo will be displayed alongside your listing in searches

On CommercialGuru, Boost listings will be ranked above regular listings and are displayed after Weekly Featured Listings and Featured Agent Prioritised Listing

Improve Your Chances of Getting Enquiries

Your listing details page will be ads-free. This will allow property seekers’ to give their full attention to your listing

Booked through AgentNet web or mobile, you can Boost your listings that has achieved over 85% quality score at your convenience. With just a few clicks, your listing will be set to take-off, with each Boost booking lasting for 7 days.

When your Boost booking is successful, the Boost icon next to your listing turns red and the start and end date of your boost booking will also be shown.

*Performance data collected from comparing residential Boost listings against regular listings

More information about Boost:

Weekly Featured Listing only allows the listing to be ranked on the top of search results page in selected pages – by specific property type and district/estate.

In comparison, Boost offers a more comprehensive set of benefits that also provides you with a better branding.

Featured Agent Listings will always be on the top of search results, followed by Turbo listing, Boosted listings and then regular listings. In terms of features, these are the differences:

Is there a maximum of Boost listing on each search results page?

Boost listings will appear according to the search habits of property seekers. There isn’t a fix number of Boost listings on each search results page.

If a property seeker goes straight to the Sale / Rent page on PropertyGuru, without doing any search, would Boost listings still appear on these pages?

Boost listings will be shown on these pages based on relevance, listing quality score and how recent your listing is posted.

How can I find my Boost listing? What kind of keyword search do I need to do?

You can search for your Boost listing using the keywords you used in your listing description, by the project name, estate or district.

I tried to search for my Boost listing using the search box on the top right corner of PropertyGuru homepage (magnifying glass), but can’t find my Boost listing.

This search box is meant for searches across the entire PropertyGuru site, including “New Homes” section, “Find Agent” section, “Property News” section and “AskGuru” section.

Therefore, you are unable to identify your Boost listing via this search box. To find your Boost listing, you have to use the main search box on our homepage.

There are 24 slots of listings on the “New Condo Details” Page and 21 of these are reserved for Featured Agents, where 7 Featured Agents will have 3 of their listings being prioritised.

The rest of which will be filled by the order in which listings would appear on search result page. This includes Boost Listings, that will be prioritised over regular listings in Condo detail pages and the search result page.

When I Boost my listing, is my ranking guaranteed and does ranking stay the same throughout the Boost duration?

In all searches, the ranking of your Boost listing is guaranteed to be above regular, non-Boosted listings.

In searches where there are featured agents (e.g. a specific condo project or HDB estate), ranking of Boost listings will be below featured agents’ listings.

Among a group of Boost listings on the same search results page, ranking is determined by how recent your listing is posted and the quality score of your listing. Therefore, there might be instances where you need to improve your listing’s quality score, and Repost your Boost listing, so that it will rank higher than other Boost listings.

I have a PropertyGuru Corporate Account. Can I Boost my listing? If yes, what would be shown in in replacement of a profile photo?

Yes, you can Boost your Corporate Account listings. Instead of the agent photo, the avatar will be display your company logo.

There will be no changes to your Featured Agent listing. The most recent listing you have posted for the estate/district/project will always be selected by our system to be your prioritised listing.

When you Boost a listing and the same listing happens to be your most recent listing in that estate / district / project where you are the featured agent, the listing will have both the features of a Featured Agent and Boost listing:

  • An orange tag with Featured Agent on your cover image

  • Ranked randomly within the Featured Agent listing section

  • Have your agent photo next to your listing

  • Listing detail page will be ads-free

Once you have a more recent listing than this Boost listing in the estate / district / project, the listing will take over to become your Featured Agent listing. The Boosted listing will still retain all its Boost features until your Boost booking period ends.


About Auto-Boost

What is Auto-Boost?

Auto-Boost allows you to auto-renew your Boost listing till you have turned it off. The Ad Credits are deducted every 7 days upon renewal, and the amount of credits used in the subsequent weeks may vary. With each renewal, your Boost listing ranking will be refreshed within the Boost tier

If you select the Auto-Boost option, the checkbox will be ticked and Auto-Boost for your chosen listing will be activated

Your listing will be auto re-Boosted and Ad Credits will be deducted 7 Days (168 hours) after your listing’s first Boost.

How long does one Auto-Boost run for?

Once you enable Auto-Boost for your listing(s), it will continue running until you disable it or your listing(s) expires.

For more information on Auto-Boost refer to “What is Auto-Boost


About Ad Credits

How much Ad Credits is needed to Boost or Repost a listing?

For Residential Listings: The amount of Ad Credits needed to Boost or repost a Boost listing is calculated by Optimus algorithm, which takes into account consumer demand and listing supply by property type, location, project and more.

This means the credits required will change with market conditions, to deliver maximum value for each listing.

For Commercial Listings: The amount of Ad Credits required to Boost or repost a Boost listing is fixed at a rate and differs from a Sale listing to a Rent listing.

Will I see the same amount of Ad Credits required to post / repost / Boost a listing, as my colleague?

Yes, all agents will see the same amount of Ad Credits needed, if they are posting / Reposting / Boosting a listing under the same listing type, in the same project / district / estate.


About Repost

If your Boost listing happens to be your featured agent listing, you can still Repost it. By Reposting the listing, it will stay as your most relevant listing. This ensures that the listing continues to enjoy both the Featured Agent and Boost features.

However, by reposting the listing, it does not guarantee that your listing will have the top ranking spot among other Featured Agent listings. The ranking among Featured Agent listing will still be random.

I have an active Auto-Repost for my Boost listing. Is this equivalent to Auto-Boost?

No, it is not equivalent to Auto-Boost. Repost and Boost are two different products with different functions and algorithm.

Auto-Boost allows you to auto-renew your Boost listing till you have turned it off while Auto-Repost allows you to schedule your repost activities according to your preferred day, time and duration.

Can I use Auto-Repost to Repost my Boost listing?

Yes, Auto-Repost can be used to repost your Boost listing. It does not matter if you choose to Boost or set your Auto-Boost schedule for your listing first.

Can I Auto-Repost an Auto-Boost listing?

Yes you can. However, the number of Ad Credits deducted if you Auto-Repost a Boost listing would vary due to Optimus.

Does Boost or Repost influence the listing’s ranking in Free Text Searches?

Boosted listings and/or Reposted listings do not have priority in ranking over regular listings in Free text search.

The listings in search results are ranked in descending order of the calculated matching score that is based on how accurately matched are the keyword that is being searched for against the listing.

An exception would be when a group of listings share the same matching score, then Boosted listings will rank above regular Reposted listings, followed by regular listings.


About Listing Quality Score

Why do I get a notification that my quality score is below 85% and I’m unable to Boost my listing?

To Boost a listing, the listing must have a minimum quality score of 85%. This provides property seekers with a good experience when they use PropertyGuru, in turn having more traffic to our site and benefit agents like you, with leads.

Why is the minimum listing quality score for Boost set at 85%?

With 85% quality score, it implies that the basic information such as the price, location, property photos, unit features and more are provided for property seekers to make an enquiry.

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