Lead Management: Introduction to Lead Quality

Find out more about Lead Quality

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1. What is Lead Quality?

Lead Quality is a new tool within the Lead Management page that helps you identify leads to prioritise.

Using information gathered from enquirers, as well as PropertyGuru’s insight as a market leader, Lead Quality tags each Lead that you receive so that you can tell which are from enquirers who are very actively looking for properties!

2. What do the different Lead Quality tags mean?

3. How is Lead Quality decided?
Lead Quality is decided based on information gathered from the enquirer, as well as PropertyGuru’s insights as a market leader.

Lead Quality aims to identify enquirers that are very actively searching for properties, and that activity level is based on criteria such as frequency of visits to PropertyGuru, and number of enquiries made in the last 7 days.

4. I contacted a “Hot” lead but got no response, why?
While these leads are received from very active enquirers on PropertyGuru, enquirers are encouraged to but not guaranteed to respond.

5. Does this mean I should not contact leads not marked “Hot”, or “Warm”?
Do contact all received leads. While these leads are received from less active enquirers on PropertyGuru, they might still be serious enquirers.

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