Repost Your Listing (Mobile)

Repost your listing on-the-go

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Refresh your listing’s post date by using the Repost feature to secure a high ranking in search results for more exposure.

By reposting your listing, it will automatically extend the expiry date of the listing by 32 days from the new post date.

On the search results page, Featured Agent listings are ranked first, followed by Boost listings, then regular listings.

When you repost your listing, your listing’s post date will be refreshed enabling your listing to rank high on search results within the listing tier. For example, if you are reposting your Boost listing, your listing’s ranking will rank high within the Boost listings tier.

If you wish to schedule your repost activities to maintain its exposure on search results and save the hassle of reposting your listings manually, you can use Auto-Repost.

To repost a listing, follow these steps:

1. Login to AgentNet App, go to ‘Listings’ and select the listing that you wish to repost. You can either choose to repost just one listing, or multiple listings.

2. Once you have selected the listing(s) you wish to repost, a pop-up will show informing you on the number of Ad Credits which will be deducted from your account to perform the listing Repost.

You will also be informed of your current Ad Credits balance before you can click on ‘Repost’ to proceed with your Repost activity.

Note: The number of Ad credits needed to repost your listing is indicated next to your listing.

To Repost multiple listings, follow these steps:

Go to your active listings and click on ‘Select Listings’

Note: You can select a maximum of 50 listings to repost at one go.


elect the listings that you want to Repost, then click on the ‘Repost’ icon.

Once done, you’ll be shown a pop up with details of your Repost booking.

Ad Credits will be deducted for each listing’s Repost. The amount of Ad Credits needed to repost a listing is calculated by Optimus, and may differ between listings, depending on the market condition and the demand and supply of consumers.

You will receive a confirmation notification.

To deactivate multiple listings, follow these steps:

Select the active listings and simply click ‘Deactivate’. Click ‘OK’ once the pop up appears to confirm if you’d like to deactivate the selected listings.

Once listings have been deactivated, there will be a confirmation notification shown at the bottom of the screen.

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