What is Promoted Listings?

And how it helps you reach more property seekers.

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1. What are Promoted Listings?

Promoted Listings is a Pay-As-You-Go tool with Prime Credits, that helps increase the number of property seekers who are presented with your listing on PropertyGuru – allowing for higher visibility, more views, and faster transactions.

Promoted Listings does this by showing your listing to property seekers looking at properties with similar criteria – such as nearby locations, similar price ranges, similar sqft, etc.

2. How do I promote a listing?

1. Go to AgentNet > My Listings. Choose the listing you intend to promote and click on the “Promote” button

2. Follow the onscreen instructions, and set your priority, daily budget, and campaign length.

3. Review the number of estimated appearances in search that your audience will be shown per day, and click on “Start Campaign”

4. Track the appearances in search and progress of your Promoted listings campaign through the promoted listing performance report.

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3. What does “Priority” mean?

Priority determines how likely your campaign will be successful, as well as how high your Promoted Listing is shown in the search results – the higher your priority, the more likely that your Promoted Listing appears near the top of the page, above other Promoted Listings running in the same category.

This therefore could help to increase the views and speed of transactions. Priority will also determine how much you pay per 1,000 appearances in search.

4. What does setting a “daily budget” do?

As Promoted Listing is a pay-as-you-go tool, the number of Prime Credits that is required is quoted per 1,000 appearances in search.

The daily budget helps you control your costs – as it lets you set the maximum number of Prime Credits that you wish to spend per day. This affects the number of appearances that your listing receives per day.

Not enough Prime Credits? Top up now.

5. How long will my Promoted Listing stay active?

You decide how long you want your Promoted Listing to run for!

The duration for a Promoted Listing can be set at a minimum of 3 days, and a maximum of 30 days, and can also be stopped at any time.

In the event that the daily Prime Credit budget set is fully met, the Promoted Listing will stop for the day and then automatically resume the next day.

Your Promoted Listing will be automatically stopped if the listing expires, is deactivated, or if the listing details are updated.

6. Can I view the performance of my Promoted Listing?

Yes! You can view your Promoted Listing performance report at any time on Agentnet, however, the report has a 2-hour delay for appearances in search data and a 2-day delay in listing views and leads data.

As such, you will be able to view your campaign performance 2 hours after the start of the Promoted Listing.

You can also check on the performance of completed or stopped Promoted Listings on the report.

7. What happens if I Promote a listing while there is a Turbo or Boost running?
We recommend using Promoted Listing in addition to other action types such as Turbo, and Boost to gain maximum visibility. Action types such as Turbo and Boost ensure that your listing is visible to property seekers searching for criteria that match your listing exactly.

Meanwhile, Promoted Listing ensure that more property seekers come across your listing by expanding to similar search criteria, effectively matching you with more property seekers.

For example: You Boost a Listing located in Tiong Bharu priced at 900k. This listing will then be more visible in searches for properties in Tiong bahru that are $900K and below.

You then decide that you want to Promote the listing as well, which results in your listing being shown to property seekers looking for properties in and around Tiong Bahru that are $800K and below.

As such, using Promoted Listings in addition to other action types help maximise your the number of views on your listing.

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8. Why do the Promoted Listing card sizes differ?

The card sizes of Promoted Listings depend on the card size of the listing above it. As such, if the listing above your Promoted Listing slot is a Turbo, the Promoted Listing receives a Turbo sized card.

Similarly, if the listing above is a regular listing, the Promoted Listing receives a regular sized card such that the experience for property seekers is consistent as they scroll through different listings.

9. How do I stop my Promoted listings?

1. Go to AgentNet > My Listings. Choose the Promoted Listing that you wish to stop and click “Stop campaign”

2. Click “Confirm”

Your Promoted Listing will be stopped immediately and you will be charged for the appearances delivered for the campaign till the time of cancellation.

10. Is Promoted Listings available for CommercialGuru?

No, Promoted Listings are currently only available for Residential properties.

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